Home, Sweet Home: Five

Home, Sweet Home


The flat was quiet. Too quiet for when jay is off from tour and the band. Whenever he had free time, our home turned into a make-shift hotel and bachelor pad. If it wasn’t Paul playing Fifa with Jay, it was Tom and Tray passed out after a night of pubbing.  I didn’t mind, though. I had grown up with my cousins living next door to us, so the loud noise and constant presence of guests was comforting.

So when I returned home after work, on a Thursday afternoon no less, to find it eerily quiet, I was perplexed and a bit worried. The idea of Jay out was ruled out with his shoes in their messy pile by the front door and his keys on the living room table.

“Jay?” I called out, kicking off my heels and setting down my purse.

“Here!” A muffled reply came from deeper in the flat.

Following it, I found my boyfriend on the balcony connected to our bedroom, hookah burning, feet propped up on the railway, and a copy of the Hunchback of Notre Dame in his lap.

“Starting on the shisha without me? Where are your manners, James?” I scolded, grabbing his attention.

“Oh no, lovely. You said you’d be home by 4:30. At exactly, 4:30 I lit up. Why you’ve been gallivanting around London instead of here when you said you would be is on you.” Jay smirked as he set his book down.

“Fear not, madam,” Jay continued standing up. Kissing me as he walked to his bedside table, he bent down. “Luckily, I was able to get into Sean’s stash last time.”

“God bless Sean’s pale white, stoner ass!” I exclaimed, throwing my blazer on the bed.

As Jay retrieved  another coal and shisha, weed mix, I headed towards the kitchen.  An afternoon with smoking and French literature could only be accompanied with beer.Ignoring my burnt creations, I grabbed two beers from the fridge and made my way back to our bedroom.

The door to the balcony was open, the green hookah a friend had given Jay sitting on ground between two chairs. The cold water already filled the base and Jay was kneeled down next to it, adding another coal on top of the foil.

Sitting down in the chair next to his,  I handed him the lighter. Minutes passed and soon enough the coal was burning red and the sweet mixtures of honey and weed burned together.

Taking a seat in the other chair, he passed me the hose. “M’lady.”

I took the hose from Jay in exchange for his beer and placed the mouth piece between my lips. Sucking, I heard the water bubble as the warm smoke moved down my chest and into my lungs, settling in every crevice. Taking the mouth piece away, I let the smoke swirl in the air sacs, the flavor and relaxation of THC seeping in my bloodstream. I slowly breathed out as I handed Jay the hose for him to take a hit.

The white smoke curled up in the London air, blending in with the warm pinks and blues of the late afternoon sun.  Our view from the balcony wasn’t the traditional view of the London skyline. There was no view of Big Ben and to see the London Eye, you had to look to your left and lean far over the ledge. Instead, the buildings that made up the international business offices and 5-star hotels lined the view. Various other buildings, probably for housing, were thrown in there, too, along with the faint view of the Millennium Bridge. It wasn’t the skyline tourists looked for, but it was a breath of fresh air to Londoners.

A silence fell over us, with only the faint sound of the city 5 stories below us and the bubbling from the water pipe playing in the background. We passed the hose between us, the psychoactive effect from the plant entering our bodies while the sweet smell of honey and molasses stayed in our mouth and the air surrounding us.

I was consumed in a state of total relaxation and haze, the book in my hands forgotten as my eyes were trained on Jay. His feet were propped up on the railing as he kept the tattered book in his lap, one hand forcing it to stay open, the other one holding on to the hose of the hookah. Every so often, he would break to take a quick drag, letting the smoke escape through the narrow massage of his parted lips.

My eyes were focused on his lips as he took another drag, but quickly blew the smoke out, gagging a bit.

I giggled at his mess up, the short puffs of air not helping my dry mouth. Jay looked over at me, completely zoned out from the world around us.

“Having fun, lovely?” Jay asked with his blue eyes red and slanted.

I nodded, a lopsided smile hanging on my lips, as I turned slowly in my seat to face him. Jay laughed and returned to his book. As he continued to read, my hand searched for my beer I had placed on the ground. Feeling my fingers hit the cold glass, I lifted it up to my face only to see it empty.

Groaning, I pushed my legs out in front of me and tried to push myself out of the chair to only struggle and almost fall. Jay noticed and stifled a laugh. I was never coordinated when I was sober, let alone high.

“I need something to drink,” I mumbled, pulling myself up and shuffling back inside. “Like water or crisps.”

I found a bottle of water easily enough in the kitchen, although my craving for crisps remained unanswered as neither Jay nor I had gone to the shops since last week. I took my time before returning to our balcony, mostly because I felt the need to stop every couple of steps rethink if it really was worth scrubbing off the burnt top of the Yorkshire puddings to eat or not.

Leaning against the door frame of the balcony, I watched Jay’s chest rise as he continued to read, oblivious to me behind him. His broad shoulders were relaxed as he cradled the book with one hand as the other was hanging off the side, his finger swirling around the bottle’s opening. His position was tugging on the back of his shirt, revealing the beginning of the fading pink tracks my nails left from last night. He turned his head to the side as he finished reading once page, the new angle allowing me to see the fading hickies I had left from a couple nights before that.

His tranquility and calm demeanor were soothing to look at, but I knew the uneasiness of the impending visit was eating away inside of him. There were some things weed and alcohol couldn’t calm. Setting my glass down near the door, I walked towards Jay. Bending down, I wrapped my arms his shoulders and rested my head in the crook of his head.

He turned his head slightly, “Can I help you with something?”

Shaking my head, I kissed his cheek.

“Good thing you’re fit.” Jay mumbled before turning back to the book.

As he read, I pressed my lips to his cheek again and then kissed down to his jaw. Rearranging my body, I pressed my lips to the underside of his jaw, my loose ponytail masking the text. I slowly ran my lips along his growing stubble until I reached a bit of bare skin below his ear. Circling my tongue along the warm flesh, I began to suck on his weak spot. My hands had unwrapped from his upper chest and had moved down between his own and the book. Lifting up the hem, I let my fingers run in waves along his stomach.

“Melanie,” Jay said, his slight cotton mouth distorting his words. The haze that still had a hold on me was slowly fading from him. “I’m reading.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed from my lips and hands, but he remained silent. I felt him move my hair away from the pages and he shuffled in the chair to rearrange his body. Despite this, my lips remained on his neck, moving down leaving wet bits of skin where new love bites would form to replace the old ones.

My hands were thrown off by their rhythm when Jay moved, but were back to their spot on his stomach. Now I moved them lower, playing with the waist band of his Calvin Klein briefs and tracing the alphabet over the material and skin.

I dragged my tongue along his collar bone that peaked out from his light blue v neck.  Jay grunted, his subtle way of telling me to back off, but I took as a sign to keep going. Jay was never one to back down from sex.

While I preoccupied my mouth, I rubbed Jay through his jeans making him jump.

“Mel!” Jay exclaimed in disapproval, throwing his legs off the railing they were perched on.

Smiling at his reaction, I moved from behind him to kneeling in front of him. The hookah to the right of him was burning the final coal, forgotten now. On my knees, I flattened my hand and ran it along the crotch of his jeans.

“What?” I asked, looking up at him through my lashes.

Flustered, I looked as Jay scanned our view from the balcony. We were on the sixth floor surrounded by four story buildings. No one had a bird’s eye view of us.

“I’m-err-reading.” Jay pressed, picking up the book to prove his point.

“Then read,” I replied, unbuttoning his jeans. “I’m not stopping you.”

Looking at me, he moved back in the chair, perching the book on his chest to block me out.

Smirking at his stubbornness, I slid down the zipper watching his eyes process the words on the yellowing pages of the book. The outline of his cock was becoming distinct as he swelled with blood and pleasure. Tracing a finger along it through the cotton material slowly and just light enough to tickle him, I then moved my head closer to him and kissed the skin just above the waist band. Starting from the middle, I kissed to the left stopping at his side and nipping at the skin.

I looked up to see if his eyes still concentrated on the words, moving quickly from left to right. My eyes moved back to the skin in front of me and repeated the same action but on his right side. Spending a little extra time on his right side, I sucked hard knowing the side of his right hip was a sensitive spot from him.

He cleared his throat from above and looked down at me for a brief second. “Stop it, Melanie.”

Disconnecting my lips, I looked up at him, my fingers skimming across the front of his boxers and stopping at his inner thighs. Tugging hard on his jeans, they felled farther down his legs, now leaving his entire briefs and thighs exposed to me.

“I was thinking about this all day,” I said, moving to kiss his inner thighs. “Your hard dick in my mouth.”

I slipped my fingers up his legs, first picking up the cotton material surrounding his thigh and then moving under to tease the skin. I could hear him suck in a large breath of air and his fingers gripped the book tighter, his finger pads slipping against the cover. My fingers continued along his hot skin until they reached the beginning of his dick.

Just a centimeter away from his hard length, my fingers pressed down on the skin and began moving in circles. Looking up, I bent my lips to kiss along his erection through the material. Jay continued to ignore my glances and wandering hands, at least with his expression, which encouraged me even more.

Removing my hands, I sat back and pulled his boxers down, his hardening length starting to stand away from his body. Gripping him in my hand, I slowly started licking him from the base, moving up towards the tip. I repeated the action on each side of him, making sure to stop and tongue at the crown of the head. With his entire length soon coated with my saliva, I let him fall from my grasp.

Jay still hadn’t looked down on me as I treated his member like a popsicle, but I knew exactly what would do the trick. I could see he wasn’t going to last for long, his attention on the text was dwindling and he was spending more time on each page then he normally did.

Moving my hand behind me, I unzipped the back of my dress and let it fall from my shoulders. My breasts were exposed as I normally chose to not wear a bra with that certain dress. Squeezing them in my hands, I moved forward and slipped his member between my breasts.

The feeling of my skin against him definitely earned some attention as he gasped, setting his book down and looking as I pressed my breasts hard against his shaft.

“Shit, Mel, do you want someone to see?” Jay exclaimed, him struggling to keep his words in check.

“Who’s going to see? We’re on the sixth floor with the second highest building being 4 stories. Plus, it’s hard for someone to see passed the concrete railing of the balcony.” I said, my eyes focusing on his expression.

Jay’s cheeks began to redden and his chest was rising fast. His eyes were concentrated on my chest and I knew this was more visually stimulating than it actually was pleasuring.

Licking my lips, I asked him, “Do you want me to stop?”

He didn’t say anything, only focusing on his dick moving between my breasts. I squeezed them harder together as his head was lost from sight for a second.

I continued on, “I can stop if you want. You can go back to reading, but it’s a shame to waste your throbbing dick.”

Jay tried to form words, but all that escaped his mouth were grumbled incoherent words. The book lay forgotten on the floor and his left hand was gripping the arm rest.

“Jay? What should we do” I asked innocently, as if I didn’t have his dick sandwiched between my tits.

Closing his eyes, he growled, “Fuck it,” before sitting up. Pushing me back, he gripped my shoulders and bent down kissing me hard. My back hit the cold cement of the balcony’s backing and the squeaking on his chair sliding back.

His tongue slid against mine ruthlessly and his hands guided me to my left. I turned my back and one of my hands fell behind me to steady myself as Jay moved me towards the ground. He followed me, toppling over as his jeans bunched around his ankles.  Disconnecting our lips, he fell with a slight grunt to the left of me.

Turning to my left, I reached my hand down between us and pumped his dick making sure he was still aroused as ever. Turning to face me, he reached between us, pulling up my a-line dress up to my waist. Pulling my underwear to the side, his thumb rubbed my clit.

My mouth fell to an ‘o’ shape and I buried my face in his shoulder.

“Don’t like it do you when someone’s teasing you?” Jay smirked, tapping my clit for the final time before retrieving his hand from my core.

He moved it to his member, removing mine and grabbing it instead. He shuffled closer to me, placing his thigh between my legs. I scooted closer to him so that our legs were scissored together before placing my hands on his hands as he lined up his erection with my slit.

Opening my legs for him, he pulled my undies to the side and ran the tip along my slit, teasing me before pushing inside me. As he filled me, I rolled my head back, the side of my face scratching against the rough ground.

Jay’s right hand grabbed the side of my head where my neck and head meet, pulling my face back towards him. He began grinding his hips into mine, the angle created by our side-by-side position hitting spots Jay rarely hit.

I groaned as he continued gyrating his hips in mine, the hot breath from his grunts falling on my chest. Our bodies remained meshed together as he thrust into me, a blanket of euphoria washing over us. As I felt Jay’s hand slip down to hold my neck, my own clawed at the skin of his chest leaving almost identical marks on each side of his pecs.

With control over my neck, he pulled me towards his face, connecting our lips in a sloppy kiss to ensure the noise of our love-making was at a minimal. While no could see us, they could definitely hear us if we weren’t careful.

I nibbled on his bottom lip and began thrusting with my hips to increase the pressure. As we kissed, the grunts I was holding back erupted in Jay’s mouth he he broke the kiss soon after to let a low growl. My hand moved to grip his neck much like he was doing to me and brought his head down to me, kissing him hard again.

He paused his thrusts, taking a minute to readjust before pumping in and out of me faster, in a now sloppier motion. His readjustment made my underwear that were pulled aside to fall half-way across my clit, the thin elastic pressing in the middle of the nub. His powerful thrusts cause the material to rub against my clit. I could feel my end approaching faster than Jay’s, who was still not slowing down.

"Jay-yyyy," I quietly moaned, breaking the kiss and burying my face in his neck. "So c-close."

His thrusts grew faster and his hand traveled down between us. Feeling my underwear rubbing against my clit as the cause of my approaching orgasm, he pulled the material back before letting go, it snapping against my clit in pleasure. He repeated the action, once, twice, and on the third shot, my legs grew weak and my walls clenched around Jay. My hips slowly ceased moving and a soreness started to spread in me as me orgasm wore off.

Jay, who had yet to finish, sensed my lowered enthusiasm, pulled out. Moving back slightly, I collapsed on my back on the hard ground. My dress had ridden up to my waist, the material acting like a wide belt cutting my upper and lower half. Jay took his erection in his hand and began pumping furiously, aiming at my spread legs.

I reached and ran my hands over his chest, focusing on his nipples as he was close to his end. Four more flicks of his wrist and Jay spilled himself over his hand, some of his cum falling on my thigh.

His hand soon stopped moving along his member and he fell next to me on the ground. As he caught his breath, I reached down taking a swipe of his cum off my skin with the tip on my finger. As he watched, I sucked the salty liquid off my finger, looking at him.

"Was that worth taking a reading break?"

"To have you? Always."

Living room


Dining room






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