Home, Sweet Home: Four

Author’s Note: Now leave me to lust over the youngest McGuiness in peace.

Home, Sweet Home


I found the box the next day.

I entered our bedroom and was ready to fall on the bed in complete exhaustion when I noticed the books and other knick-knacks that were normally housed on our dresser were now scattered on the comforter. I looked over to the dresser to find a lacquered black box contrasting against the white furniture.

I walked over to the intruding object, curious as to what Jay was up to. The faint smell of wood filled the close proximity to it and I ran my hands over the cover. There were no drawings or carvings in the wood. The entire was box was sleek from polish and dark from the black paint. The only bit of detail on the object came from the heavy metal latch at the front. The silver metal was curled in twists resembling something of a baroque pattern. The box was beautiful. Minimalistic, polished, but most importantly: locked.

The latch was small, just big enough for a tiny key to fit in. I looked around the side of the dresser for its key but found nothing. After trying to pry open the heavy chest with my hands, I gave up. I looked to the door of our bedroom as if Jay would magically appear and hand me the key. I remained alone in our home with this box annoying the hell out of me.

Turning back to the box, I snapped a picture of it with my phone with the caption “Pandora called. She wants her box back” under it. Resting my phone on the edge of the dresser as I changed out of my work clothes, I grabbed it in hopes that Jay would explain as I fed Tia.

As I finished up, I sat next to her tank wiping off my washed hands and looked back over to the bedroom. I pursed my lips at the thought of the locked object. Jay knew I hated surprises and how to press my buttons.

I looked to Tia who was happily demolishing her dinner. “You wouldn’t happen to know what Daddy’s hiding?”

The lizard simply grabbed the dead mouse by its neck and dragged it back to her make-shift cave.

Nodding at her rejection, I sighed. “You’re daddy’s little princess, of course you know.”

I was talking to Tia just like Jay. All I needed was to adopt his baby voice he only used with her and I would truly lose it. 

Feeling the floor vibrate next to me, I looked down to see Jay had replied. Unlocking my phone, I scanned over Jay’s message in which he completely side-stepped over the box saying he would be home in fifteen minutes with Dominos.

Biting my bottom lip, I set my phone on the coffee table and stood up walking back to the bedroom. Jay had something up his sleeve and I was determined to figure out what. I never liked surprises, especially unplanned one, and with two years with Jay only solidified this. While at times he could rival Siva in the best boyfriend category, more times than none his ideas of romance weren’t the most thought out. Balloon ride for our two year anniversary? Romantic and cute. Balloon ride in the middle on winter with a girlfriend who is terrified of heights? Maybe not the way to go.

Jay wasn’t the natural romantic Tom and Siva were and I knew there were times when he would feel insecure about it. While boat rides along the Thames were pure Nicholas Sparks gold, it were the nights after pubbing and hazy sex when we were laid in bed, me on my stomach and Jay was half laying on me and whispering love drunk sayings in my ear that made my heart melt. He was always the most relazed and the most vulnerable in those moments. He never let anyone see him this way and it made me love him even more. 

Like I said, he knew I hated surprises and yet he still hauled this box from God knows where. I looked around its perimeter for a key and tried once more to unlatch it but with no avail. I searched the top of his bedside table among the tattered George R.R. Martin novels and empty water bottles but couldn’t find anything that looked like it would unlock it.

Turning around with my hands on my hips, I surveyed the room again thinking of where he could have put the key, assuming he didn’t have it on him. My eyes fell to his filled duffel bag. Without a doubt, he had found this contraption in Nottingham last week and had dragged it home. Ripping open the top cover, I shuffled through all of the pockets of his clothes inside out.


Moving back, I sat on the edge with my eyes fixed on the lacquered box. I knew my actions were childish and that Jay couldn’t ignore that box long, but it still didn’t stop me from rummaging through the bathroom for one of my hair pins.

Walking back to the dresser, I placed the pin between my teeth and picked up box. The weight from its contents and the box itself pulled on my arms as I trudged out of the bedroom and towards the dining table. I could hear the muted shuffling of its contents rolling around as I set the box down in front of me.

Turning on the lights above, I tucked my left leg under me and pulled the box closer to the edge. Taking the hairpin from my mouth, I leaned down so I was eyelevel with the latch.

“Tellie don’t fail me now.” I muttered as I started to wiggle the hairpin in the lock.

I moved the pin around, but the latched remained locked. I blew a stray piece of hiar of out my face as I took out the pin and inserted it again hoping for a better result. I could hear the front door unlocking behind me, but my mind hadn’t registered it just yet. It wasn’t until Jay had set the pizza box on the table and his shrill voice rang out did I jump away from the box.

“What are you doing?” Jay yelled, throwing the hairpin on the floor and picking up the box, clutching it to his chest.

Looking at him with wide eyes, I asked him, “What the hell is that?”

Turning on his heal, he walked to the back of the flat. Standing up, I followed at his feet.

“Seriously, Jay, what is that? What’s in there? Should I expect all of the world’s evils to come out of it?” I rambled on watching him place it back on top of the white dresser.

Chuckling, he knelt down to make sure the box was exactly in the same position he left it. “No! Don’t worry about it, Mel.”

“Well, what’s in it?” I pressed on crossing my arms over my chest.

Standing back up, he smirked at me. “Nothing you should concern yourself with.”

“Are the police or a drug lord named Jorge going to show up asking about it?”

Laughing, he came up to me and placed his hands on each side of my head, his fingers wrapping up in my hair.

“No. And you need to learn how to be more patient.” He said, his fingers tightening in my hair. Placing a hard kiss on my lips, he let me go and passed me.

Smacking my bum, he called from the other room, “Come on! We’ve got pizza, beer, and season two of Extras!”

Neither of us mentioned the box after that. While I never made my impatience vocally known  I couldn’t stop thinking about what was inside. Jay was guarding the key to it with his life. He added the key to his set of keys and kept it on a D chain connected to his belt loop. i knew it was ‘the key’ because it was small enough to fit in the latch and the head of it carved in the same baroque design on the latch. I would always play with the key, my fingers running along the metal warming it up. Jay would always notice, though, grabbing my hand and holding it in his.

“One day, your lack of self-control is going to get you in trouble.”

I was growing restless, so when opportunity arose four nights later, I took it. A night of pubbing with Kelsey and Tom was cut short with Kelsey saying she was ill. I was tired, too, so I secretly rejoiced at the abrupt end to our night out.

Arriving home, Jay set off straight for a shower as he managed to spill two pints on him and he had a meeting with the record label the next day. While he showered, I checked my emails for the last time before grabbing a glass of water for bed. Setting the glass on my bedside table and kicking off my heels by the closet, I noticed the pile of clothes Jay had left by the closet.

Looking closer, I noticed the small glint of his keys peeking out from the clothing. I quickly leaned forward to see that the bathroom door was closed and steam was slowly seeping through bottom of the door. With the sound of water still running, I took that as my green light to grab the set of keys. Unhooking them from his jeans, I tip-toed to the dresser, a childish grin on my face.

Hearing the water still running, I picked the small key I was desperate to use and pushed it in the latch. Hearing the victorious sound of the latch clicking open, I bit my lip to hold back my squeal. Removing the key, I picked the upper portion of the box up to reveal its contents.

Once the box was fully opened, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion and my smile fell. The box was empty, the black velvet that lined it looking like a black hole. Just as I let my hand fall from the top of the box, I felt someone twist both of my arms back behind me, their voice rolling in my ear.

“I told you to be patient.” Jay’s voice was strong and mocking. The water from his shower coated his body, the wetness of his bare chest soaked through the thin material of my top.

His tight grip on my arms and the cold water from his curls falling on my shoulder had me squirming.

His tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth making a disapproving tsking noise. “Oh no, Melanie. You’re in trouble now.”

Feeling him slowly start to grind his crotch in my back, I faintly smile. Sex was mind-blowing when it was rough and when Jay was rough enough, it was euphoric.

Noticing my smile, he stopped his actions and moved one of his hands to my jaw, gripping it and moving my head to the side. “I’m gonna wipe that dirty little smile off your face. You need to learn the art of patience..”

He kissed me hard, much like the night he found me trying to open the box, before his mouth moved down to my shoulder. Jay kissed the skin quickly before biting down hard. I gasped at the slight pain.

“I need to shut off the water,” He explained, his grip on my arm. “When I get back, you better be naked and ready for me. Do you understand?”

I was for a loss of words at his dominant demeanor. Jay was rough, but never this rough and I loved it. I could feel the familiar sense of excitement course through my veins. I nodded in understanding to his displeasure.

“Speak, Melanie. I want to hear your voice.” Jay said before biting my shoulder again.

“Yes, Jay.” I breathed. He finally let go of my body and stalked out of the room. Taking a big breath, I quickly removed my clothes just like Jay had instructed ordered. I was excited to see what he had planned. The black box that before I saw as an annoying curse was now a secret blessing.

Stepping out of my underwear, I placed my clothes in the pile with Jay’s. I stood back up straight when I heard Jay finally shut the water off, the house enveloped in silence. I pushed my ashy blonde hair back, leaving the shoulder Jay had bitten exposed to him. I looked down at the redden skin and ran my fingers over it spreading the water that had fallen over the skin to soothe it.

I heard his heavy footsteps returning to the bedroom. He sauntered in, a towel hanging off his hips. My eyes scanned over his wet, defined chest and then to the faint happy trail starting from his navel and disappearing under the plush towel. I went back to his face to see his own eyes taking in my bared body. His eyes stopped at my shoulder where my hand was. Seeing his stern expression, I dropped my hand to my side letting his eyes linger on the irritated flesh.

His eyes flickered back to mine, holding us in a hard stare as he walked towards me. Stopping in front of me, he bent his head down to mine and placed a kiss on my lips, but pulled away too quickly for me to taste his lips. I looked up to his face trying to read what he was feeling, better yet what to expect. However, it remained emotionless as he bowed his again, mouth open for another kiss.

I opened my mouth as well and stood on my toes to meet his but our mouths never connected. He bumped his nose against mine just as my lips were a mere centimeter away from his and pulled back slightly. I bumped our noses again and stood up higher to meet his lips for him to only pull away. I grew impatient with his little game and placed my hands on his shoulders to push him down.

He quickly acted to remove my hands from him. His strong hands grabbed around my wrists keeping them in between us.

“Self-control and patience. By the end of this, you’ll have a much better understanding of those two words.” Jay stated.

His hands massaged my wrists and I watched his eyes flicker to my right. Nodding to the side, he said, “Go kneel in the middle of the bed facing the wall. Hands clasped in front and don’t you dare move.”

I did as he instructed, turning to my right and crawling on top of the bed assuming the position he had described. After settling in position, I heard one of the drawers of the dresser behind me open. I heard Jay shuffle around in the drawer before stopping. From the corner of my eye, I saw Jay stop at the side of the bed before coming on to the bed in front of me. The slit of his towel had risen to show the side of his penis. I looked back up to Jay to see him watching me. Smirking, he pulled my clasped hands to the front and wrapped a piece of silk fabric around them.

Knotting them together he said, “You obviously have trouble keeping your hands off of things, this will have to do. If you behave, I’ll let them go.”

“And if I don’t?” I spoke for the first time since the start of this.

Smirking, he pulled on the knot causing me to hiss from tightening, “I’ll think of something else for you.”

Getting off the bed, he took a pillow with him and resumed his position behind me. The room remained quiet giving no hint as to what Jay was doing behind me. All I knew was he set the pillow he had taken down behind me as I felt the material of it brush against my feet.

“I knew you were going to take my keys sooner or later.” Jay’s hands moved to brush my hair to one side as he paused to kiss the back of my neck.

His hands moved to my shoulders, rubbing them slowly before dipping forward to my front. His lips moved to the side of my neck, where a muscle of mine was flexed, standing out against my skin.

“I knew four days was long enough.” The calloused tips of his fingers danced along my collar bones. “I wanted to see just how little self-control you had.”

His fingers traveled down to one of my nipples, circling the areola, before flicking the nipple. I jumped in reaction from the sudden sensation. Jay moved to steady me back in my submissive position. Moving his head forward, his damp mop of curls fell against the top of my chest causing my skin to erupt in goose bumps.

Kissing my pulse point, he continued on, “And fuck, Melanie, you didn’t even hesitate. I’ve spoiled you for so long. Giving you what you wanted without a moment of hesitation.”

His hands left my breasts with my nipples erect from his teasing fingers. They now dragged across my skin and I was positive they left my skin stripped in red. As they reached my belly button they spread in opposite directions stopping at the sides of my hips and massaged my body there.

His hands moved down farther, now resting on my inner thighs, his fingers not even an entire inch away from my core.

“Lay back and spread your legs, babe.” Jay finished, his hands leaving my body as I awkwardly fell back, my hand landing on the pillow and almost hanging off the edge of the bed.

I looked up and back to see Jay’s towel had slipped revealing the start of an erection. His torso was turned to face the dresser as he rummaged through it. Turning back around, he looked down at me. Shooting me a sinister smile he leaned over me, his lips over mine.

“Don’t you fucking move your hands.” He whispered.

Side tracking my lips, he kissed down my throat and then my chest, all the way in a straight line to my pussy. As his lips traveled farther down my body, he went slowly from a kneeling position to hunch over my body. Looking up, I smirked at the prize literally hanging in front of me.

Extending my neck, I stuck my tongue out, licking from the tip to the base, stopping to tongue where the base met his balls. His kisses stopped right above my clit. I could hear him chuckle from where I was and licked him again.

“Can’t get enough, can you?” He asked as he ran a finger up my clit, stopping to tap my clit.

“Of you? Never.” I replied running the tip of my tongue under the head of his cock.

“It’s best you stop that right now. You’re going to have to wait for it.” He said, using his finger to circle my entrance.

“What are you going to do? Gag me?”

Stopping his actions, Jay looked down at me through the tunnel our bodies had created. “Not tonight.”

I licked his shaft again for good measure and to piss Jay off. If this was the result of disobeying him, I would be doing it a lot more often.

“Melanie.” Jay said with authority.

I was in love with this side of Jay and wanted more of him. As I opened my mouth wider and stretched my tongue to tease him once more, the buzzing noise of a vibrator filled the room and feeling of cold plastic on my clit caused me to gasp.

I bucked my hips in retaliation as I felt jay press the pocket vibrator harder against my clit. Gasping, I curled my toes as Jay paired the vibrations on my sensitive nub with two of his fingers moving inside me.

“Just because something is in front of you, doesn’t mean you should take it, Melanie.” Jay lectured as he pumped his fingers slowly out of me.

“Understand?” He finished, pumping his fingers harder with the next thrust than the last one.

I groaned in response as the vibrations around my clit increased in intensity.

“Having trouble there?” Jay asked with fake innocence.

“Jay-y!” I moaned, my interlocked fingers clenching harder together. “I’m going to come-ee..”

“Not yet.” Jay ordered. “Not until my dick has filled you up.”

I arched my lower back to his hands as I felt him increase the vibrator to what had to be the highest setting.


“Not yet, love.” He continued to thrust his fingers in me. “You are not to come until I count to twenty. If you behave, I’ll fuck you as a reward.”

I shut my eyes and bit down on my lip hard enough to draw blood. As Jay continued to thrust his fingers in me, harder than the previous time, he ran the toy along my pussy lips, spending a little extra time at my entrance.


My hands were tied, hindering me from pinching myself to distract my body from its upcoming orgasm. My toes were starting to cramp and the groans I was trying to suppress were ripping through my pressed lips.

“Jayyy, baby, please!” I screamed. He was only at ten and I was going to explode at any moment.

Stopping his counting, he looked over at me, “Concentrate, love. I know you can do this.”

Resuming his counting, he left the vibrator on my clit for the time as he curled his fingers upward every other thrust. Taking his advice, I bit my bottom lip and attempted to block out the sexual bliss Jay was inflicting on me and focus on his voice.



“Twenty.” We both said out loud. Of course, mine came out more of a strangled moan while Jay remained compose.

He turned off the vibrator and his finger stopped moving. I let out a sigh of relief as Jay removed his fingers from me and crouched down next to me. I turned my head to look at Jay. His eyes scanned over my rising chest.

“You ready, love?” He asked kissing my cheek.

Nodding in response, Jay slid his hands underneath my shoulder and over my shoulder blades. “Get on your knees, Mel.”

“Jay,” I said and motioned to my tied hands. “Untie me.”

He smirked at my bound hands as he pulled me up so I was standing on the bed on my knees. “No, babe. Seeing you tied up is too fucking hot to let go.”

Rolling my eyes, I put my hands out in front of me soften my short fall to the bed. The side of my face hit the sheets as my ass was raised for Jay. His fingers wrapped around the sides of my hips before he pulled me back and slowly slid himself inside me. Pulling out just as slowly as he entered me, he pushed into me again with much more force, almost sending my body forward on the bed.

The last bit of self-control I had left dissolved into gasps and cries as Jay repeated the action over and over, giving up some force to increase his pace. The smacking sound of his lower body hitting my pussy  turned my arousal up another notch and turned my face into the pillow to see Jay’s face as he fucked me. His face was contorted in concentration and his lips were parted to allow soft grunts to leave his mouth. His eyes were dark from lust and just the mere look of total concentration of bringing us to our ends was causing my orgasm to build up again.

"Oh, fuck," I mumbled, a bit too overcome to speak up. "I’m going to come!”

"Good," he said. "I love it when you moan my name."

His words, separated by his thrusts, sent me over the edge. I screamed through my clenched teeth, as the first wave of pleasure coursed through my body. I hardly noticed when Jay pulled out with a little gasp. As the peak of my orgasm subdued,  I came back to reality and felt him running his hands over the curves of my ass. I turned back to him with an inquisitive look, wondering why he had stopped.

"You almost made me come, yelling like that," Jay accused, smiling at me.

"Ever heard of a simultaneous orgasm?" I said, trying to catch my breath

"Simultaneous orgasm my ass. I’ve wanted to fuck since I tied you up.”

I half-laughed, half-groaned and put my head back down on the pillow. He ran his hands under my body and up to my breasts where he fondled my nipples trying to build back up my pleasure. Jay had yet to come tonight and I didn’t want to leave him after he spent so much time teaching me my lesson.

“What are you waiting for,” My voice was raspy as I grinded my hips into his. “Show me what good girls are rewarded.”

Jay didn’t waste any more time after that. He placed one hand on my right hip and the other on my left shoulder to brace himself and entered me, starting his powerful thrusts again. His breathing sounded a bit louder than usual and his fucking rhythm was getting irregular.

I started gyrating my hips to meet his thrusts. Hoping my enthusiasm would encourage him and bring him to his own release,  I could feel another orgasm building and smiled at my own greed. Jay may had taught me a lesson about self-control, but in the end he was still giving me exactly what I craved and much more.

Seconds later my eyes opened wide and I gasped as he moved his hand from my hip to between my legs. Jay pressed and rolled on the firm bump of my clit just enough to turn the sweet ache into an unstoppable wave of pleasure. I more or less exploded while he rubbed me through each phase of my orgasm.

“Fuck yes, Jay!” I was still moaning through the contractions in my pussy when I felt Jay’s cock spasm against my walls signaling his own orgasm.

The sound of his voice groaning my name filled the room as his hips jerked with his own spasms. He collapsed on my back, exhausted, before rolling over to the side of me. I finally collapse next to him, holding my hands out for him to undo.

Blowing a curl off his sweaty forehead, his shaky hands undid the knot quick enough. The wrinkled strip of silk fell to a pool of crimson red material. Despite the softness of the silk, my wrists were left with red bands running around them.

I could see his eyebrows furrowing in concern at the marks.

“Stop.” I muttered leaning over to kiss his chest to calm him from any second thoughts he may had been having. “I like them. They’re like my little battle scars.”

Chuckling, he asked, “Battle scars?”

“Yeah. Angry and dominant Jay is so fucking hot, I’d be pissed if I didn’t have at least one mark from him.”

Wrapping an arm around me, he smiled, “Good to know for future reference.”

Living room


Dining room






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