Home, Sweet Home: Show and Tell

Author’s Note: Beware of typos, I’ll proof-read later. Enjoy!

“We don’t live in Camden, babe,” I giggled, my free hand popping a bubble floating near the water tap. “A bit south from there.”

“I know, Mel,” Jay whined, the background noise of St. Pancras muffling his response. “I fell asleep on the train and missed our station, okay?”

I rolled my eyes at him, dipping my toes in the tub to check the temperature. Honestly, I wasn’t too surprised Jay had managed to end up an hour’s away from our flat. With Jay being, well, Jay, and the past week spent celebrating his brother’s birthday in Nottingham, I was more surprised he was in London and not somehow in Scotland.

“So you’ll be back soon, yeah? I miss your obnoxious face.” I asked removing my last bit of clothing.

“Just my face? Not anything else? I’ve heard my lizard is something to be missed.” Jay teased.

“But Tia was with me all week, why would I miss her?” I replied, keeping a serious tone.

Groaning, Jay whispered in the phone, “I meant my penis, Melanie.”

Laughing at his lowered voice, “Don’t tell me that! I’m too innocent.”

Jay snorted, “Please, I’ve fucked the innocent right out of you.”

I laughed at Jay’s bluntness as he concluded, “I’ll be home soon, lovely. I love you.”

“Love you, too.” I ended the call and placed my phone on top of my pile of clothes on the counter. Sinking into the hot water, I let the soap cover my skin and the faint smell of vanilla encompass me. I sunk down farther until just my head was floating above, bubbles tickling the underside of my chin.

The week apart had worked out for the both of us. I was swamped with work for an upcoming press event and needed to focus every last bit of attention on it. For Jay, a four month absence from Newark had him leaving on a morning train to Nottingham to see his family and friends. So while Jay and the McGuiness men drained the East Midlands of their beer supply, I focused on finishing as much work as I could before his return.

Letting out a sigh, I closed my eyes focusing on my final moments of solitude. I was happy for the brief break from each other, but I was ready for my boy to be home and with me. And by with me, I meant inside me. Seven days of stress had converted into pure sexual tension that needed to be taken care of. With eyes closed, my thoughts ran back to the morning before Jay left.

I felt a trail of lips awaken me from my sleep. While my mind was registering the soft kisses on my exposed shoulder, my body was still waking up. Jay’s beard tickled my skin as fingers moved my bra strap off my shoulder so there was more area for him to cover. With my brain consciously yelling at my body to open my eyes, I slowly dragged them open.

The mass of Jay’s curls blocked my vision as I finally felt his legs on both sides of me and his other arm resting near my head.

“What’re you doing?” I asked, my words slurring from sleep.

I felt him smirk into my skin before stopping his path down my chest, he ignored my question and replied, “I need to leave soon, lovely.”

Stirring in my spot, I picked my shoulder up to signal for jay to get off. “Stop, Jay. You still need to pack.”

Taking his hand, he pushed my shoulder back onto the mattress. “Done already. I threw away the old milk, too. Now will you please relax? I’m leaving for a week and I know how horny you get when you’re stressed.”

All conversation was done by then. Jay reached forward to undo the front clasp of my bra leaving my breasts exposed to his eager hands. Massaging my breasts with his hands, he continued his trail of kisses and sucking down between my breasts, my stomach, and stopping at the edge of my underwear.

Letting my breasts go, his hands went down to my underwear, fastening his fingers through the sides of them.

“You went to Victoria’s Secret yesterday, right?” He asked, looking up at me with a suspicious glint in his eyes.

I hoisted my upper half up to have a better look at Jay knelt between my legs. I nodded, unsure of why he posed a seemingly random question. A wide smirk spread on his lips.

“Good.” He said before pulling on the sides of my underwear, ripping them in two and leaving my flesh exposed for Jay’s fingers and mouth. As he scooted down the bed and hooked my legs on his shoulders, I threw my head back ready for his going away gift…

My left hand, now moist and sudsy from the bath, traced over the same spots Jay’s lips had left marks days before while my right made figure eights along my stomach under the water. I felt heat rising from between my legs as the recollections of Jay’s fingers curling upwards in me filled my mind.

Dragging my fingers from shoulders, they moved down to my chest, grabbing my left breast and massage it much like my boyfriend had done. Thinking back to him, I twisted and tugged on the nipple, much like he often did. My other hand ventured south, my legs spreading as wide as the narrow tub allowed me. My index finger ran up my slit slowly making sure to stop and tap my clit. With my eyes still closed, I bit my bottom lip.

The memory of Jay’s tongue spreading flat against my clit caused me to massage the sensitive nub in circular motions increasing the pleasure building inside me. I tweaked my nipple for the last time before moving on to my other breast repeating the action.

…Taking his mouth away from my core, I sensed his eyes burning into me. My lips were pressed together to suppress the noises I wanted to emit. Adding a finger in me, I pressed my lips tighter against each other.

“Moan, Mel. Let me hear you.” He said, curling the finger up and placing his thumb on my clit.

His raw voice playing over in my mind had my lips opening and quiet groans fill the bathroom. I slipped my hand down from my chest and into the water. While one hand worked on massaging and pinching my clit, my other lined itself up at my entrance and added a finger.

Pumping in and out slowly, I arched my hips causing the water in the tub to move close up to edge of the tub, threatening to spill. Increasing speed on my clit, I added a second finger. I started moving my fingers faster, making sure to arch them in order to hit my g-spot repeatedly. 

“Jayyyy.” I moaned out load, the thought of him between my legs consuming me and bringing me closer to my release.

“Fuck, Melanie.”

My eye shot opened and I removed my fingers from me. Turning around abruptly, I found Jay leaning against the door frame, looking on at me with a careless smile. I grabbed the ledge, now wet from the water that had spilled over, to calm myself. A blush was creeping on my cheeks as I looked on at Jay.

“I didn’t hear you come in.” I said, my breath still shaky from Jay’s surprise and my antics.

Jay pulled himself off the door frame and came towards to tub. “Thank fuck for that. Otherwise, I would’ve missed the show.”

I could feel the redness on my cheeks deepen as I resumed my position in the tub sinking down farther this time. Jay knelt down beside me on the floor and used his hand moved to pull my hair to the side.

“Love, that was so fucking hot.” Jay whispered in my ear. “Hearing you moan my name from the front door…Fuck. Do it again, Mel.” Attaching his lips to the back of my neck, he began to suck hard to encourage me to pick up where I left off.

“But you’re here…” I started to protest. Jay was home and I was ready for him to fuck me instead.

“No, love, please,” He countered. “Here, I can tell you what to do.”

Sticking his hand into the water, he found my own and guided it to my core. Leaving it there, he moved his hand up a bit to rest on my pubic bone. Expecting me to protest, Jay waited for me to speak. When I remained quiet, he continued.

“Close your eyes, Melanie.” Jay’s voice remained calm as he instructed me on what to do. Obliging, I did as he told. “Now, picture me between your legs. Think of my tongue flicking your clit, just barely enough to drive you wild but not enough to let you come. Use your hand, love.”

Taking my hand, I spread my legs and began flicking my clit all while imagining it was Jay in the bath with me and not next to me.

“Good girl. Now take your other hand and press a finger just barely inside of yourself. Tease yourself, Mel, don’t give in just yet.”

Following his instructions, I did as I was told, letting out a noise of frustration as my fingers danced over the two places I needed him the most. While I played with myself, I could heard Jay moaning in my ear.

“Add in another finger babe. Think of my dick inside you, me riding you hard. Move your hips against my hand, love. Let me know how good this is making you feel.” He said, his hand that was on the spot above my slit lightly pressing against me.

The pressure on my inside and my pumping fingers had brought me back to peak within record time. Just the sound of his raspy voice in my ear, instructing me on how to please myself was enough to make me come.

I heard the sound of Jay’s zipper coming undone and him shuffling from the spot next to me. Focusing on the sound of Jay beginning to palm and massage his dick, I let out another throaty moan.

“Mmmm, Jayyyy” I continued to slam my fingers in me.

Grunting, Jay said, “Moan my name. Moan so fucking loud the neighbors won’t know what to make of it.”

“Jayyyy, please, get in me.” I begged.

Chuckling, his hand moved down to my clit, shooing my own hand away and massaging it at an even faster pace.

“Not now, love. I want you to get off to the thought of me before I fuck you.” Jay replied. “Think of you coming around my cock, clenching your walls against me.”

I nearly lost it right there but managed to barely hold on. I wasn’t going to last long and Jay could sense it. I was right there, so close I was almost sitting up in tension, my every muscle taut.

“Are you going to come for me, Melanie?” Jay asked now switching to drumming his finger against my clit. “Are you going to show me just how much you missed me?”

"Mm, yes…fuck me hard." I whimpered in response, jerking my hips and grinding against my palm.

“Come for me now!” He groaned, the sound of authority in his voice shooting straight through me and into my core where it exploded in orgasm.

That was all I needed. With a cry that was much louder than I had intended, I fell back against the tub almost sliding into the water. I arched my back as my climax crashed through my shaking body.

As I rode out my orgasm, my pleasure coating my fingers, Jay turned my head and kissed me only for a brief moment so I could catch my breath. As the final wave of pleasure rippled through me, I smiled at my boyfriend and kissed him again.

“It’s good to have you home.” I whispered still spent from my orgasm.

Smiling, he reached over to pull the plug and drain the now cold water. Grabbing me by the shoulders, he helped me stand up before picking me up and carrying my wet body towards the bedroom.

“It’s good to be home.” He said, plopping me on the bed for round two.

Living room


Dining room






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